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A rewarding profession is essential for overall life fulfilment. Our comprehensive career consultations are designed to provide you with accurate insights, practical advice, and solutions to assist you in making informed decisions.

Government job

Unlock the possibilities of a successful government job with our comprehensive career consultation. Haritha Vedic’s career astrology delves into your birth chart to identify the planetary influences related to government employment. Gain valuable insights into the most favorable periods for securing a government job, suitable departments based on your planetary alignment, and guidance on overcoming potential challenges. We provide practical advice and remedies to support your journey towards a fulfilling career in the government sector.

Government Job Duration Price
Phone 15 Mins 5, 100/-
Personal 30 Mins 9, 000/-

Career in Film

Discover your true passion and pursue a rewarding career in the film industry with our extensive career consultation. Haritha Vedic delves into your birth chart to uncover your inherent talents, creativity, and potential for success in the world of films. Whether you aspire to be an actor, director, writer, or any other role in the film industry, we provide valuable insights and guidance on choosing the right path, identifying opportunities, and maximizing your potential for growth and accomplishment in the captivating world of cinema.

Career in films Duration Price
Phone 15 Mins 5, 100/-
Personal 30 Mins 9, 000/-

Career in politics

Ignite your passion for politics and embark on a thriving career in the political arena with our specialized career consultation services. At Haritha Vedic, we analyze your birth chart to assess your inherent qualities, leadership abilities, and potential for growth in the realm of politics. Our expert astrologers provide strategic guidance on entering politics, selecting the right party or ideology, timing important political decisions, and overcoming obstacles on your political journey. With our remedies, we harmonize planetary energies to attract success and prosperity in your political endeavors, allowing you to make a positive impact on society.

Career in politics Duration Price
Phone 30 Mins 9, 000/-
Personal 60 Mins 18, 000/-

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Disclaimer: Please note that while astrology can offer valuable insights, it should not replace independent decision-making or professional advice. Our services are intended to empower you with self-awareness and provide a roadmap for your career journey.