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Carrer Guidance

Aligning your job decisions with your cosmic blueprint can help you reach your full professional potential. Haritha Vedic will look at your birth chart to determine the best career possibilities for you, emphasise your inherent skills, and offer solutions to get beyond roadblocks at work.


Unlock your academic potential and plan your educational path with knowledge. Your birth chart will be examined by our qualified astrologer Haritha Gogineni to discover your inherent abilities, learning preferences, and probable difficulties. With this information, we can direct you towards the best study methods and subjects for you.

Health and Well-being

Discover the secrets to your physical and mental health through a thorough birth chart analysis. Haritha Gogineni will analyse the planetary positions to identify potential health problems, offer advice on preventative measures, and recommend remedies to restore balance and vitality.


Determine the cosmic influences that have an effect on your entrepreneurial endeavours. Haritha Vedic will analyse your birth chart to determine your business acumen, growth opportunities, and potential obstacles. We offer strategic counsel regarding business planning, investment decisions, and the timing of new ventures.


Use the knowledge of Haritha Vedic astrology to navigate the path of love and marriage. Haritha Gogineni will evaluate your compatibility with your partner based on a thorough examination of your birth charts. Learn about shared values, communication styles, and compatibility over the long term.

Foreign Settlement

With Haritha Vedic’s specialised services, you can realise your dreams of living and working abroad. We will analyse your horoscope to ascertain the planetary influences associated with international travel and settlement. We provide information regarding the best times and places to relocate based on your planetary alignment.

Carrer Guidance

Unleash your professional potential by aligning your career choices with your cosmic blueprint. Haritha Vedic will examine your birth chart to identify the most suitable career paths, highlight your natural talents, and suggest remedies to overcome obstacles in your professional life.


Discover the cosmic influences that impact your entrepreneurial endeavors. Haritha Vedic will examine your birth chart to identify your business acumen, areas of potential growth, and possible hurdles. We provide strategic guidance on business planning, investment decisions, and timing for new ventures.


Unlock your academic potential and make informed decisions about your educational journey. Our expert astrologer Haritha Gogineni will analyze your birth chart to reveal your natural aptitudes, learning style, and potential challenges. With this knowledge, we can guide you towards suitable subjects and optimal study strategies.


Navigate the journey of love and marriage with the wisdom of Haritha Vedic astrology. Haritha Gogineni will assess the compatibility between you and your partner using detailed analysis of your birth charts. Gain insights into shared values, communication styles, and long-term compatibility.

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Disclaimer: Vedic astrology is a tool for self-reflection and guidance. It does not guarantee specific outcomes or control over external events. Our services are intended to provide insights and suggestions for personal growth and should not replace professional advice in legal, medical, or financial matters.