NRI – Muhurtham

Make important life decisions with confidence using the power of Muhurtha.

Haritha Vedic will determine auspicious dates and times for significant events such as weddings, starting a business, or buying a property, ensuring that you begin these endeavors on a positive note.

Muhurtham Duration Price
Phone / Video
15 Mins
$ 90

Our Muhurtham Services provide:

Gruhapravesh Muhurtham

Step into your new home with the blessings of a propitious Muhurtham and create a harmonious environment in your new abode.

Marriage Muhurtham

Begin your marital journey on an auspicious note with a carefully selected Marriage Muhurtham to contribute to a blissful and enduring marital union.

Occasion Muhurtham

Celebrate your special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or religious ceremonies, in harmony with celestial energies.

Business Muhurtham

Commence your entrepreneurial endeavors with the blessings of an auspicious and a favorable Business Muhurtha.

Embark on your auspicious journey.

Book a Muhurtham consultation with our experienced astrologers today and make your life’s important moments truly special.

Disclaimer: Please note that while astrology can offer valuable insights, it should not replace personal judgment or professional advice. Our services are intended to provide guidance based on astrological considerations.