Alignment with Prosperous Muhurtham Moments

Use the power of Muhurtha to make major life decisions with confidence.

Haritha Vedic will establish auspicious dates and times for major events such as weddings, launching a business, or purchasing a home, ensuring that you start your endeavours on a favourable note.

Muhurtham Duration Price
Phone / Video
15 Mins
6, 000/-

Our Muhurtham Services provide

Gruhapravesh Muhurtham

Step into your new residence with the blessings of a favourable Muhurtham and cultivate harmony in your new domicile.

Marriage Muhurtham

Begin your married life on an auspicious note with a Marriage Muhurtham that will contribute to a blissful and long-lasting union.

Occasion Muhurtham

Observe important events, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and religious ceremonies, in harmony with celestial energies.

Business Muhurtham

Start your entrepreneurial endeavours with the blessings of a favourable and auspicious Business Muhurtha.

Embark on your auspicious journey

Book a Muhurtham consultation with one of our seasoned astrologers today to make your life’s most significant moments genuinely memorable.

Disclaimer: Please note that while astrology can offer valuable insights, it should not replace personal judgment or professional advice. Our services are intended to provide guidance based on astrological considerations.